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MTT Mastery was built from the ground up to help YOU crush low & mid-stakes MTTs. Learn from an 8+ year crusher with hundreds of thousands in profit from just the 0-$33 buy-ins alone. You too can start crushing—no large bankroll required. 


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"I have tried every major poker training product on the market and I can honestly say that MTT Mastery is the most complete course available for anyone trying to move up in stakes. I've spent years ignoring what truly matters in poker - CRUSHING fish. The course will make you a more focused, feared, and profitable player every time you start a session."

- Member Eric S "reshoots"

"I'd bought poker courses in the past and they were mainly theory based and assumed we played against GTO robots - this course is perfect for low to mid stakes games (and beyond) because it explains not just what we should do against the best players, but how to think at the table to exploit the very worst! Additionally, there are hours and hours of hand examples so every lesson really hits home! Not to mention the fact that Adam is constantly adding to the course if members have video requests or if he thinks something is missing - I would really really recommend the course!!"

- Member Loui Q

"One of the most valuable courses out there! Adam is a phenomenal coach and has taught me a great deal. If you are looking to crush low and midstakes MTTs I would highly recommend the MTT Mastery course!"

- Coach /Member Ringo D "ringo2492"

  • 6 Module Course40+ Videos
  • Exploitative Strategy Focus 
  • Access to the Video Library 
  • Solved Preflop Charts for Every Situation
  • 50+ Hours Total Content
  • $397 One Time Purchase
  • Lifetime Access
  • Updates

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The 6 Modules of the MTT Mastery Course

Module 1 Taking Poker Seriously

This Module is all about the fundamentals. Learn how to study, game-select, build & maintain a bankroll, adopt a professional mindset—then watch the profits roll in!

Module 2 Preflop

Preflop sets you up for the rest of the hand, mistakes made will compound to postflop. Mastering preflop is the key to long term profits! 

Module 3 Postflop IP

Make the future streets easy to play by understanding solid fundamentals, when to cbet, what sizes, when to barrel the turn, when to give up or follow through on river bluffs. 

Module 4 Postflop OOP

Master the art of out of position play! You will learn the differences in strategy based off your postion. How to play tough spots like facing barrels, how to make big hero calls and hero folds!

Module 5 PSKO

PSKO popularity is not going anywhere, these games are going to be a staple for MTT grinders going forward. Understanding what bounty's are worth and how it affects your strategy vs a freezout is key! 

Module 6 Final Table, ICM & HU

The real money is made at final tables, the importance of understanding how to play short-stacked and navigate end games cannot be overstated. Learn how to master ICM spots but also know when to take risks to help you get that 1st place! 

Course Layout

Includes Full Access to the Video Library

Videos range from live play & explains videos to multi-part hand history reviews. 

Pick the version best suited for your goals.

Standard Edition

  • 6 Modules
  • 40+ Videos
  • Video Library
  • Solved preflop ranges
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • less than $8 per hour of content!

Mentorship Bundle Edition

  • Everything included with the standard edition
  • 5 hours of 1-1 coaching
  • Before and after HH review videos 
  • Database leakfinder
  • Less than $50/hour coaching rate!
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SPECIAL OFFER! I will make a full personalized hand history review video for anyone who purchases the course.

The video will be a maximum of 2 hours. A hand history of 400 hands or less is recommended. To claim this offer—email your hand history to after purchasing the course . Limited time offer.

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